Amaze your customers with our easy-to-use Service Desk

Deliver great customer service with our easy to use service desk. Manage all incoming requests, provide tailored customer support, and never lose a ticket.

Breeze through incoming requests

Never miss a support request with all customer email arriving in one single inbox. Drill down into ticket properties and linked contact records to capture additional context about each ticket.

inbox panel

Configure for any business type

Custom ticket types, status and properties

Define multiple ticket types, each with their own status values, custom properties and ageingĀ  periods. This allows you easily service a wide range of requests from general support, to warranty claims and billing issues.

ticket ageing

Ticket Ageing

Never lose tickets with the Service Desk ticketing system. Agents can view tickets by custom ageing intervals. For example, < 31 Days, 31-60 Days and > 60 Days. Users with permissions can specify the ageing intervals in the service desk settings.

Configurable Ticket Board

The ticket board provides a clear view of open tickets sorted by ticket type and columns according to their status. Agents can define multiple ticket types and configure the status values for each ticket type. To update a ticket status, drag and drop the ticket into any column.

Legrand CRM Ticket Board
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Collaborative Support

Support agents can share information using internal comments to help resolve tickets faster. Agents can also re-assign tickets to other agents or forward tickets to a third party to solve complex issues and provide customers with the best solution.

Leverage your CRM data

From the service desk, agents have access to all CRM data including full account history and products customers have purchased. With access to relevant context, agents have a complete view of the customer to provide more informed responses and better customer support.

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