Pipeline Management

Keep track and manage sales opportunities as they progress through each stage of the sales pipeline. Build custom pipelines, send quotes, and convert more leads into sales.

Sales Pipeline

Keep track and manage your prospects as they progress through each stage of your sales process. The Sales Pipeline provides a clear view of sales opportunities by stages. Use the drag-and-drop interface to move sales opportunities to the next stage and easily schedule activities to convert prospects into customers.

Configure Your Sales Pipeline

Multiple Pipelines

Create multiple pipelines and define custom stages to further qualify leads, nurture leads and manage different processes. For example, you can create a lead pipeline to further qualify leads before processing the lead into the sales pipeline

Sales stages, outcomes, and probability

Configure your sales pipeline stages and pre-define the outcome reasons. You can add as many steps as required and assign a probability to each sales stage to forecast sales revenue.

Never let a sales opportunity fall through

Track progress and monitor pipeline health.

The Sales Pipeline provides a visual summary of where your prospects are in the sales process. You can monitor opportunities by Days Open or Days in Stage and schedule a prompt follow-up activity to prevent stale or neglected opportunities.

Visual indicators can also help you identify opportunities with upcoming calendar events or tasks, no activity and overdue tasks that require attention.

Pipeline Filters

Use filters to sort opportunities and plan your next activity. You can sort by Next Activity date, Estimated Close Date, Days in Stage, Days Since Last Activity and the Amount.

Accelerate Your Sales

Legrand CRM’s efficient quotes tool enables you to create and email a quote. Any changes retain the quote number but will increment the revision number. When a client makes a purchase decision, you can easily select any quote revisions as the winning quote.

Use any existing or previous quote as a starting template for a new quote. When linked to a supported accounting system, you can create a new customer record in the accounting system and transfer the winning quote as a Sales Order.

Repeat Your Success

Manage all quotes effectively and save time on repetitive tasks. Use filters to sort active quotes by days open, assigned sales agent, date created, quote number and more. You can also view quotes by latest revision and use an existing quote as a template to create a new quote.

Why Legrand CRM?

“Legrand CRM has been invaluable to our business since we adopted it in 2014. The customizable user interface ensured we can make the platform work entirely for our business needs, which in turn aids efficiency and productivity. The Legrand team listens to our input for improvements and takes them on board for future improvements. All in all we are very happy.”
J. Fossey
General Manager - Fairview Architectural - USA
“At Mendelson Consulting we have enjoyed years as a reseller partner with Legrand CRM for both their on-premise/server version and web access version. Legrand offers unbelievable support and the complete ability to customize every module and screen of your system to suit your business needs. Highly recommended!”
M. Nowogrodzki
CEO - Mendelson Consulting - USA

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