Lead Inbox

Capture leads generated from your website, contact forms and integrated online chat system into Legrand CRM.

Capture and qualify leads

The Lead Inbox collects leads from various sources such as contact forms, ad campaigns and third-party online chat systems. Use the Lead Inbox to process new company and contact records and add leads into a pipeline for lead qualification.

Legrand CRM Lead inbox

Efficient lead processing

Our intelligent lead management system searches your CRM to identify whether a lead is a new prospective client or an existing client.The Lead Inbox also pulls data from the lead source to automatically populate fields and reduce manual data entry.

lead processing in CRM

Lead Pipeline

Define custom pipeline stages and add as many steps as required to qualify new leads. Schedule follow-up activities and keep track of lead progress – including the number of Days Open and Days in Stage.

CRM lead pipeline

Multiple pipelines

Create multiple pipelines to support your lead management and sales process. Once you qualify a lead, you can close the record and process the qualified lead into your sales pipeline.

change opportunity to new pipeline

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