Marketing with Legrand CRM

Whether you conduct telemarketing, print campaigns or e-marketing campaigns, Legrand CRM helps you manage lists and monitor your campaign’s performance.

Mailchimp & Constant Contact

Connect Legrand CRM with MailChimp or Constant Contact

Sync mailing lists to your e-marketing platform

Reduce duplicate records and manage errors

Sync campaign results into Legrand CRM

View campaign click rate, open rate, and bounce rate in Legrand CRM

See which contacts opened, clicked, forward, bounced, or unsubscribed

Targeted lists

Targeting the right audience is key to successful marketing campaigns. We make it easy to segment contacts into lists. Use the contact worklist or tags to create targeted mailing lists and deliver more effective marketing campaigns.

Sync campaign results into Legrand CRM

Sync e-marketing campaign results into Legrand CRM to view the campaign’s open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. You can view campaign details to see which contacts opened, clicked, forward, bounced, or unsubscribed.

Filter & sort campaign responses

Sync e-marketing campaign details into Legrand CRM and effectively manage campaign responses. Use the filter to sort responses by opens, clicks, forwards, bounces or unsubscribes and plan your next activity to convert clicks into qualified leads.

Legrand CRM Campaigns

Get a quick summary of your campaign’s performance and sales activity generated from the campaign. View targets’ responses, lead status and the number of sales opportunities and quotes created.

Follow up on leads

Manage campaign responses from print advertisements, telemarketing and other marketing channels with Legrand CRM campaigns. Use the configurable status list to record your targets’ responses and collaborate with sales to follow up on leads.

Send a follow-up email, schedule calendar events, create tasks and record activity notes. You can also add opportunities into the sales pipeline or send a quote directly to a contact within the campaign record.

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