Use our Campaigns module to create and track each of your ongoing campaigns.  Whether you conduct phone marketing, print campaigns or e-marketing campaigns, Legrand On Premise CRM delivers an intuitive platform to manage lists and monitor campaign progress.

One of Legrand CRM’s key features is the ability to intuitively create and manage lists. In order to be successful with your campaigns, it’s critical that you target the right customers. We make it easy for you to segment your companies and contacts into as many lists as you need for targeted communications. Leverage different combinations of keyword tags and user fields to create precise lists for your marketing campaigns.


Legrand CRM integrates with Constant Contact and MailChimp – global leaders in email marketing services.  The integration enables you to upload and sync mailing lists.  
After the email has been sent, the response tracking is downloaded seamlessly to Legrand CRM and retained permanently.  When you view a campaign in Legrand CRM you’ll immediately see the summary result, and can bring up the detailed Open, Click, Bounce, Unsubscribe result for every individual in your mailing list.

Quoting in your CRM with Legrand CRM
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Quotes Module

Increase your sales team’s efficiency by providing a fast and intuitive quotation tool that enables them to respond quickly to sales opportunities as they arise. Sales Managers have detailed visibility of all active quotes, their margins and revision history. 

The net result is an empowered sales team that can respond quickly to sales opportunities, with management having real-time visibility

Assets Module

Use the Assets module to track items that a customer has bought from you, such as office equipment, machinery, cars, or anything else that has a unique identifier like a serial number and for which you want to track the purchase date, warranty date, or service history, etc…

You can also use this to track memberships or subscriptions rather than physical items. Record the type of membership, the expiry/renewal date and a host of other information.

CRM Assets management
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