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Why Legrand CRM?

The biggest test of any CRM Solution is whether your team will actually use it. Will it increase their productivity or will it increase their workload? Too many CRM solutions fail in practice because of low user acceptance. This is where we differ; we empower your team rather than weighing them down. Our customers love using Legrand CRM because it makes their work easier.

Grow your business

Legrand CRM enables businesses to put into place systems and processes to grow. Ideal for teams of 10 to 100+ people, Legrand CRM is a very practical tool that will facilitate business growth. Legrand CRM is highly configurable and includes the “hooks” to enable integration with your web site, accounting system and any other specialized business application.

All your data

All your customer data in one place

Manage all your customer data and communications with Legrand CRM. No more Excel spread-sheets, no more lost emails, no more misplaced leads. Your team will be in sync and nothing will fall through the cracks!

Happy Customers

With the full customer history at their fingertips your team can quickly respond to any customer query and schedule the appropriate follow-up action.  Great service creates happy customers.

Happy customer

Increase sales

Are your top customers being regularly visited or called? Don't wait for the weekly sales meeting to find out what your sales reps are doing. Easily track customer engagement and manage your team’s activities via the sales pipeline, shared calendar and task management.

Instant updates from your mobile team

The Web Module enables your mobile team to access your CRM data on your server via the web browser on their laptop or tablet device, thereby providing head office with instant updates on the outcomes of customer visits.