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Legrand CRM Corporate Edition
Legrand CRM Online Edition


After more than 12 years of accumulating questions and answers into a knowledge base we had come to the point where there was so much old information that it became difficult to find answers to current questions.  What was useful eight years ago in the days of Windows XP and Outlook 2003 is no longer relevant today.  

We therefore created a separate Knowledgebase for current versions v6 and v6.5, while still providing access to the original knowledgebase for those who are still using one v3, v4 or v5.

Current versions: Knowledgebase for v6 and v6.5.
Obsolete versions: Knowledgebase for versions v3 to v5.

System Requirements

Legrand CRM Corporate edition is installed on desktop computers with the data stored in a Microsoft SQL server database on the server.  If you are using the Web Edition module to provide CRM access to your mobile teams then you will also need to run Microsoft IIS on your server and implement the appropriate security so that only authorized users can access the web server.

  • Windows Server 2012 or higher. Windows Server Essentials is not supported.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 for Web Edition
  • Windows 7 or 10 for desktop computers
  • A Gigabit network connection
  • The Outlook Add-In is available for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016