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The practical CRM

From marketing campaigns, to lead processing, sales funnel management, sales quotations, customer service and Item/Asset tracking, Legrand CRM provides the functional modules that enable you to put into place systems and processes to grow your business.  

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Keep your eye on Sales Opportunities

Easily monitor the value and volume of opportunities at various stages in your pipeline. You can filter the pipeline based on a variety of criteria, such as territory and Account Manager. Progressing/Regressing from one sales stage to the next is a structured process.

Keep your eye on sales opportunities

Sales Quotations

Increase your sales team’s efficiency by providing a fast and intuitive quotation tool that enables them to respond quickly to sales opportunities as they arise. Sales Managers have detailed visibility of all active quotes, their margins and revision history. The net result is an empowered sales team that can respond quickly to sales opportunities, with management having real-time visibility.

Keep your eye on sales opportunities

Customer Service Issues, aka Cases

The Customer Service module is used to track customer issues, feedback or questions. You can also use it to track and manage service jobs, repairs or installations. If you use the Asset/Item tracking module you can link a service job to a specific item that the customer owns; this enables you to track the service history of a specific item over the years.

Items/Assets & Memberships

This module can be used to track items that a customer has bought from you; e.g. office equipment, machinery, cars, jewellery -- anything that is valuable and may have a serial number and for which you may need to track the purchase date, warranty date, service history, etc...
You can also use this to track memberships or subscriptions rather than physical items. Record the type of membership, the expiry/renewal date and a host of other information about the membership.