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Email Marketing

Your email marketing strategy will most likely include both personalized messages to highly targeted lists and e-newsletters to much larger targets.  

Increase loyalty with personalized emails

Highly targeted emails produce the best results!   Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with personal messages that thank customers for specific milestones.   For instance, use our accounting integration to quickly retrieve all the customers that spent more than, say, $5,000 last month and send them a thank you message, or quickly retrieve all the new customers in the last 3 months and send a message with a discount voucher to encourage a second purchase.

How Legrand CRM helps

  • campaigns module
  • list management
  • e-template editor
  • send email via your mail server


Keep both customers and prospects informed with news-letters about your company's products and services.  You may have different lists for different types of customers or products.  What you want is an efficient way of managing these lists, tracking which newsletters a contact has received and tracking leads and feedback that are generated by a newsletter.

How Legrand CRM helps

  • campaigns module
  • list management
  • integration with email marketing service providers for the creation, delivery and tracking of the e-newsletters

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns module

The Marketing Campaigns module is what you use to manage your marketing activities, create your list of targets, execute the campaign, create follow-up tasks, record respondents and the opportunities that are generated by the campaign.   Use Legrand CRM to manage any type of campaign: phone marketing, direct mail marketing, email campaigns, trade shows, seminars, etc...

List Management: Target Wisely!

The starting point of a successful campaign is having the right list targets for your message. There's no point in sending an "all-the-meat-you-can-eat" offer to a vegatarian!   It is important to be able to easily segment your contacts into multiple lists.
Legrand CRM excels at list management — segmenting your companies and contacts into multiple lists for targeted communications — through combinations of keyword tags, user fields and fast searches.


Our e-template editor enables you to create email merge templates that use data from company and contact records.   A template can be as short or as long as you want, ranging from a simple 'Thank You' email, to standard templates for quotations or feedback received. An experienced editor can edit the HTML to create fancy templates with images and background graphics.
These email templates are ideal for personalized email messages, such as the loyalty enhancing thank you messages that we mentioned at the top of this page.

Using your mail server

You can send emails to one or multiple contacts directly from Legrand CRM using one of the eTemplates you have created. The emails are sent using your own mail server and the content of the email is stored as an Activity Note in Legrand CRM. This works great for small lists containing up to a couple of hundred contacts but if you wish to send an email to thousands of people we recommend that you use an email service provider.

Constant Contact email marketing service

Legrand CRM integrates with Constant Contact, a global leader in email marketing services. Legrand CRM's strength in list management enables you to create highly targeted campaigns aimed at specific contacts in your database. Our marketing campaigns module lets you create an e-mail campaign using target lists you have created in Legrand CRM and which are uploaded & synchronized with Constant Contact's email service. After the email has been sent, the response tracking is downloaded seamlessly to Legrand CRM and retained permanently. Both summary and detail results are recorded in Legrand CRM. When you look at a campaign in Legrand CRM you'll immediately see the summary result (% opened, % bounced, % opted-out), as well as see the detailed result for every individual in your mailing list.

MailChimp and other email marketing providers

Additional email marketing providers such as MailChimp and Vision6 (Australia only) are supported using third party utilities. Please email or call us for more information.

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