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Accounting Integrations

Access to accounting information from within your CRM application is essential for responding to customer queries and to pursue upsell opportunities.  Our seamless integration with a number of popular accounting systems provides quick and easy access to financial summaries and sales transactions from within Legrand CRM.

Accounting integrations

Featuring in all accounting integrations

  • Import customers and suppliers from accounting
  • Create a new customer in accounting
  • Synchronize address and contact changes
  • Import sales summaries and Aged Receivables
  • Use Legrand search functions on sales summaries and aged receivables
  • View customer sales list
  • User Permissions control acccess to the acccounting data

Deeper integration functionality for
QuickBooks, Sage50 UK and MYOB EXO Enterprise

  • Import product definitions
  • Import tax code and currency definitions
  • Import inventory quantity on hand, per warehouse location
  • Convert a Legrand CRM quote into a Sales Order in the accounting system
  • Live, sortable and exportable list of a customer's purchase history by product and invoice date
Accounting integrations

View sales summaries

available in all integrations

The Financial Summary screen shows the customer's sales figures for the current month, last month, current accounting year and last accounting year. Also included are the aged receivables and the Notes fields from the accounting system.

View sales transactions

available in all integrations

The Transactions section shows recent financial transactions - invoices, credit notes and payments - for a specified date range.  This is a live view straight into the accounting data.

Product sales history

MYOB EXO, QuickBooks and Sage50 UK

The product sales history screen provides a live, sortable and exportable list of the invoice line items that have been sold to a customer. The information includes unit sell price, quantity sold and unit cost price. You can sort by product and invoice date. Use this information to quickly look up which items the customer has ourchased in the past, or to see which prices and discounts have been given previously.

Product Purchase History

Custom Integration with SQL-based systems

The Legrand CRM Outlook AddIn for Outlook 2010 and 2013 enables you to selectively transfer significant emails from Outlook to Legrand CRM.   No need to forward important emails to colleagues or management, just transfer the email to Legrand CRM and it becomes a permanent record in that customer's history. Appointments in the Legrand CRM calendar are easily transferred to your Outlook calendar. With one click you can transfer all your future appointments.