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Who says a powerful CRM solution has to be hard?

Deceptively easy to learn and use, Legrand CRM provides rich functionality that will positively impact the productivity of your team. Our screens are uncluttered and logical, making it really easy to manage all your customer data, activities and communications.

Businesses and consumers

Companies and Contacts

Legrand CRM is equally at ease managing relationships with companies as with individual consumers. Company and contact information are stored separately. This means that company-specific information is only stored once and is not replicated for every contact. Appointments, Activity Notes and Opportunities/Projects can be linked to multiple companies and individuals, enabling you to track everyone who is involved.

Customize your data fields

In order to reflect the terminology and information that is important in your business Legrand CRM is highly configurable. Our user-fields editor enables you to define user fields, their caption and type (text, date, dropdown, checkbox and number). You can also resize the fields to accommodate wider input data and rearrange their position.

Customize your data

Task Management and Scheduling

Our calendar and task management functions enable you to view your team’s planned activities, schedule resources and set priorities. Calendar events can be linked to multiple contacts in the database.

Outlook integration - No lost leads!

With the Legrand CRM Outlook AddIn you can immediately action an important email, be it a hot new lead or an urgent request from a major customer. No need to forward important emails to colleagues or management, just transfer the email to Legrand CRM and it becomes a permanent record in that customer's history.

Outlook integration

List Management

Legrand CRM is simply great at list management — segmenting your companies and contacts into multiple lists for targeted communications — through combinations of keyword tags, user fields and fast searches.

Capturing Web Leads

Send leads from your website direct to Legrand CRM using formatted emails. The Web Capture module collects the emails from you web site and enables you to cross-check lead information against existing records. New leads are created without having to key in any data, with follow-up tasks automatically scheduled .